Only working smoke alarms save lives

Choosing a smoke alarm for your home, RV or caravan might seem confusing.  Let us help you make your decision by keeping it simple.

Queenslanders can use our free smartphone app on either iPhone or Android to assess their properties compliance and tell you which are the correct ones to install or replace.  For other states (the app is coming), the following may serve as a guide. 

Hardwired means it's connected to your mains power with a backup battery for blackouts; if replacing hardwired choose a 240volt smoke alarm and have an electrician install it.

10-year battery means it has a battery that will last for the service life of the smoke alarm (10years) as its power supply.  You can install it yourself using screws, good quality double-sided tape or purpose-designed magnetic patches

A smoke alarm remote may also be a good investment.  The remote is wall mounted and will enable you to silence all interconnected alarms with the push of a button.  no more using a broom, climbing on chairs, or waving the tea towel to stop the screaming alarm.

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