Fire safety essentials

Smoke alarms

Working smoke alarms save lives! MiFire recommend installing smoke alarms in every room where someone sleeps and on exit paths from bedrooms.

Carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon monoxide alarms are often overlooked by many people but they are important where gas appliances are installed or on boats where exhaust gases may collect

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are essential first response equipment in the event a fire breaks out. extinguishers for home or in vehicles are light weight and reasonably easy to use.

Rescue tool

 A tool to break the window and cut the seat belt if you or someone else is trapped in a car.  Popular with fire fighters.

Safety signage

Having the right equipment on hand is important for the best outcome of an emergency. Safety signage is the heads up that gear is available

Fire Blanket

For cooking fires or to assist someone on fire. Fire blankets are lightweight and inexpensive

Why choose MiFire?

Mifire make compliance and fire safety easy.

Our service to you is founded on industry experience. We know what you need to keep your car, camper, caravan, 4wd or boat fire safe.

Our products are either specifically developed by us, or are hand picked to ensure MiFire offers you best quality at value for money