MiFire Mate

MiFire Mate

Home owners, property managers, electricians and smoke alarm technicians all love the MiFire Mate app.. 

MiFire Mate makes compliance with legislation easy. Use the App to answer simple pass/ fail or yes/ no questions to produce a certificate of compliance or a fault report.

No knowledge of legislation or technical skills are required to use the app. We've done the hard work for you.

Additional smoke alarm requirements for landlords and property sellers in Queensland will come into effect on January 1 2022. MiFire Mate makes it easy to know if your property complies with the law changes

Save time, money and increase profits on your investment property. You don't need to organise access or pay someone else for a compliance audit.

Electricians, real estate property managers and service technicians use the App and as an easy add-on service to their customers.

MiFire Mate is easy to use. No training or knowledge of legislation is needed.. The questions are mostly yes / no.. ie.. did the alarm sound when activated?

MiFire Mate gives you peace of mind and confidence that your smoke alarms are the correct type, installed in the right place and operate as they are supposed to.

MiFire Mate automatically sends you a certificate of compliance or report stating what to fix to become compliant.

MiFire Mate was designed by Mifires' founder and director who is a career fire fighter and building fire safety assessment officer. John knows the legislation inside and out.

You can contact the app developer (John) directly if you have any questions or difficulty

MiFire Mate is FREE..

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MiFire Mate explainer video

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Fireman John says

Home owners who use MiFire Mate to do their own testing and maintenance save money

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