9 things you should teach your kids for fire safety at home

9 things you should teach your kids for fire safety at home

Fire safety is an important topic to teach children. Here are our top 9 things that parents and caregivers can teach kids to help them stay safe in case of a fire at home.

  1. Stop, drop, and roll: Teach kids that if their clothes catch on fire, they should stop what they're doing, drop to the ground, cover their face and roll around to put out the flames.

  2. Know how to call for help: Teach kids how to call emergency services, and make sure they know their address and phone number.

  3. Have a fire escape plan: Make sure your kids know how to get out of the house in case of a fire, and practice the plan with them. Have a safe meeting place outside the home.

  4. Never play with matches or lighters: Explain to kids that fire is not a toy, and that matches and lighters should only be used by adults.

  5. Stay low to the ground: Teach kids that smoke rises, so they should stay low to the ground when trying to escape a fire.

  6. Never hide during a fire: Explain to kids that hiding during a fire is dangerous, and that they should always try to escape.

  7. Don't open doors that are hot: Teach kids that if a door feels hot, there's probably a fire on the other side, and they should not open it.

  8. Get out and stay out: Once kids are out of a burning building, teach them to stay out and not to go back inside for any reason.

  9. Learn from firefighters: Arrange for your kids to meet with local firefighters, who can teach them about fire safety and give them a firsthand look at the equipment and gear that firefighters use to stay safe.

Thoughts from fire fighters: "As a firefighter, one of the most important things I teach kids about fire safety is how to develop a fire escape plan. This could mean practicing different routes out of the house and identifying a meeting spot outside of the home. Having a plan in place can make a huge difference in a real emergency."

"Another important thing to teach kids is that fire is not a toy. I've seen too many cases where kids have accidentally started fires while playing with matches or lighters. It's important to stress to kids the importance of never playing with fire."

In conclusion, fire safety is an important topic to teach children. By understanding the basics of fire safety, children can become more aware of their surroundings and be prepared in case of an emergency.