Kitchen fire safety - Simple steps to keep Your home safe

Kitchen fire safety - Simple steps to keep Your home safe

  1. Keep a watchful eye on your food at all times. No, scrolling through TikTok does not count as multitasking.

  2. Wear appropriate clothing. As tempting as it may be to cook in your birthday suit, we recommend sticking to something a little more flame-resistant, because oil on your body should be saved activities other than cooking.

  3. Make sure your smoke alarm is in working order. Test monthly and keep it clean.

  4. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Because let's be real, trying to put out a grease or oil fire with a bottle of whatever you have nearby is not the way to go.  Also, using water on oil fires is extremely dangerous and can spread the fire rapidly.

  5. Turn pot handles inward so they don't accidentally get knocked over. Unless you want your kitchen to look like a scene out of a cartoon.

  6. Keep your stovetop clean and free of grease buildup. Because the only thing worse than setting your kitchen on fire is doing it with a side of old bacon grease.

  7. If a small pot fire does break out, smother it with a fire blanket, pot lid or wet tea towel. Turn off the power to the stove top if safe to do so. And no, blowing on it like it's a birthday candle won't work.

  8. Keep a safe distance between your cooking area and any flammable items, such as paper towels or curtains. Trust us, they won't appreciate the heat.

  9. Avoid cooking when you're sleepy or under the influence of alcohol. Because drunk cooking might sound like a good idea, but is a far worse option than Uber eats or a pizza delivered to you.

  10. And finally, practice good judgement. Because as they say, "where there's smoke, there's fire" is not a proverb you want to experience firsthand.

Note:  Always call 000 and have the Fire Service attend any fire in your home no matter how small so they can check it is out and safe.