MiFire Sentry wireless automatic fire extinguisher on white background. MiFire Australia.
MiFire Sentry wireless automatic fire extinguisher front view with Fire Fighter picture in background. MiFire Australia.
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MiFire Sentry

MiFire Sentry

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Small and mighty, the MiFire Sentry is an automatic fire suppression system that's always on guard to protect enclosed electrical and fuel compartments. 

The thermally activated wires are like arms reaching out to sense fire. With no wiring or technical skills required, installation is easy. 

Ready and waiting for action the MiFire Sentry is aggressive against the threat of fire escalating, containing the fire to the point of origin. 

Sleep soundly knowing that MiFire Sentry is your permanent Fire Watchman

Model: MFEXS
Dimension: 80 x 50 x 27m
Weight: 100gm ± 10g
Serviceable temp: -50°C ~ +95°C
Service duration: 10 years
Activation temp: 170° celcius ± 10°C
Agent type: S-type condensed
Agent dosage: 20g ± 0.4g
Extinguishing density: 50g /m
Shell surface after discharge:<200°C

compartment protected 0.4m3

The MiFire Sentry uses a special type of fire-fighting agent called a condensed aerosol. When activated, the extinguisher releases this agent in the form of tiny solid particles that are suspended in a gas.

The extinguisher is equipped with a thermal wire, which is essentially a wire made of a special material that melts at a certain temperature. When the temperature inside an enclosed compartment reaches the melting point of the wire, the wire melts and activates the extinguisher.

Once activated, the extinguisher releases the condensed aerosol agent into the compartment. The particles in the agent are small enough to penetrate into the spaces and crevices where the fire is burning, and they work by interrupting the chemical reaction that is fueling the fire. This causes the fire to gradually die down and eventually be extinguished.

The extinguisher is designed to be effective in enclosed compartments because the condensed aerosol agent is able to spread throughout the entire space, even in hard-to-reach areas. This makes it a good choice for use in small enclosed spaces such as battery compartments and electrical cabinets.

MiFire Sentry: action on combustion

The fire extinguishing mechanism of condensed aerosol extinguishing agents is via cooling effect
and chemical inhibition. Whilst several fire-extinguishing mechanisms interact with each other synergistically, the endothermic
cooling of carbonate is an auxiliary effect, the main fire suppression action is chemical inhibition during gas and solid phases.

Cooling and extinguishing effect of endothermic decomposition

The amount of heat by the fire released prior to MiFire Sentry initiation of agent discharge is limited enabling solid particles of thedevices
agent to absorb some of the heat. Heat absorption by the agent decreases temperature in the flame zone, reducing the speed of chemical chain reaction.

Gas-phase chemical inhibition

Under the action of heat, the vaporization of condensed aerosol fire extinguishing agents metal ions such as Sr, K, Mg or cations that lose
electrons undergo multiple chain reactions with the active groups H, OH and O in combustion.

Repeatedly, the active groups (H, OH and O) are consumed in large quantities, concentrations are continuously reduced and combustion is suppressed.

Solid-phase chemical inhibition

Solid particles of the condensed aerosol fire extinguishing agents can adsorb chain reaction intermediates OH, H and O, and catalyse their
reorganization into stable molecules. Inhibiting the combustion processes access to OH, H and O interrupts the ability for combustion to be self-propagating thereby suppressing the fire

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No maintenance
Automatically activated
10 year service life
Easy installation



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Fuel mainfolds, engine room, distribution boards, fidge condensors


Power/ fuse box, UPS, battery banks, charging stations

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Inverters, battery boxes (inc Lithium), DC chargers

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